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“Here’s where you can find more about the creative work of cartoonist/humor illustrator Ron Wheeler. Click on the images below to see his latest portfolios.”

A WILD ride through a Ron Wheeler cartoon portfolio video – 6:42
Watch this if you dare! It’s an eyeball-burning, eardrum-busting journey through some of Ron’s best work over the last few decades. Loaded with personality and energy, each drawing is unique and shown on this video only once.

A MILD approach toward seeing how Ron Wheeler’s work brings Glory to God! – 5:56
Ron’s calling is to create cartoons to be a communication vehicle for spreading God’s Truths. These drawings reveal Ron’s heart for the Lord.

About Us

Ron creates cartoons/humor illustrations to be a communication vehicle for spreading God’s Truths - in curriculum, children’s books, web sites, comic strips, animations, magazine art, puzzles, and much, much more! Ron would love to serve you in making your message more effective with the gifts God has given him.


Feel free to contact Ron to discuss your next assignment. You can reach him at ron@cartoonworks.com, 816-941-9221, by Facebook, or from the contact page on his website at CartoonWorks.com.